Tombstone Abandoned

Tombstone, Arizona is a town steeped in equal parts legend and history. Like many parts of our country, it is currently suffering through the pandemic. It’s truly a beautiful area to visit.

Here are some shots of a recent visit to the old west town made famous by the Earp’s, Doc Holiday, and the gun battle at the OK Corral. The only people on the streets were my son and I, a friend and her two sons and a few other people. I’d imagine it’s a far cry from it’s usual self. Nearly everything was shut down. Even the tumbleweeds stayed home and declined to blow across the empty streets.

I did meet some folks restoring a bowling alley James Earp, a lesser known Earp Brother, tended bar after relocating to Tombstone. James had the good luck or bad fortune to be eating lunch at the time the shooting at the OK Corral, which led to him being mostly forgotten. If you get a chance, stop by Vogan’s Alley Bistro, grab a bite to eat and knock down some pins. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. I was told by the new owners they were due to reopen in June.

It’s a place I hope to revisit when the world gets back to being normal and open.

Below are the photos I snapped of Tombstone abandoned.

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